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San Pedro Red Cars

The yard and maintenance shed is located by the Marina/22nd Street station

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lax-ht-sanpedro-031704-08.jpg (735082 bytes)This is an original PE car. Modified at one time to operate with rubber tires, now modified again to operate on rails. (3/17/04) lax-ht-sanpedro-031704-03.jpg (700210 bytes)Another view of a classic PE car, #1058. (3/17/04)
lax-ht-sanpedro-031704-02.jpg (828524 bytes)This is a replica PE Car #501, built new for this line (3/17/04) lax-ht-sanpedro-031704-04.jpg (731001 bytes)501 is up on jacks for an undercarriage inspection. (3/17/04)
lax-ht-sanpedro-031704-06.jpg (708963 bytes)Note the temporary car barn behind 501 (3/17/04) #1058 is inside the shed (7/3/09)
Inside of car 501 (7/3/09) Inside of car 501 (7/3/09)
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