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Ginza  銀座

Year Opened 1934 Routes Served
Station ID G09, M16, H08 Transfers  
Platform Layout Each line has island platforms # of tracks Each line has 2 tracks
Previous Name   Right-of-way Subway
Points of Interest Famous Ginza shopping district, it ia also a busy interchange station.

Ginza Line train departing (8/18/13) Ginza Line train departing (8/18/13)
Ginza Line platform (8/18/13) Marounchi Line train arriving (8/18/13)
Ginza Line platform doors not enabled (3/23/18)  Ginza Line platform doors not enabled (3/23/18)
Ginza Line (3/23/18)  Ginza Line (3/23/18)
Ginza Line platform doors not enabled (3/23/18)  Ginza station under reconstruction (1/26/20)
Ginza station under reconstruction (1/26/20)  Ginza station under reconstruction (1/26/20)
Hibiya Line (2/1/18)  Hibiya Line (2/1/18)
Marunouchi Line (3/23/18)  Marunouchi Line (3/23/18)
 Marunouchi Line (3/23/18)  Marunouchi Line (2/1/18)


To: Shibuya To: Asakusa
Shimbashi Kyobashi
To: Kita-Senju To: Naka-Meguro
Higashi-Ginza Hibiya
To: Ogikubo To:Ikebukuro
Kasumigaseki Tokyo

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