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Hollywood Movies w/Subways

Below are Silver Screen movies with major subway scenes. They are available on DVD from Amazon.com. 
NOTE: To purchase these videos, please click on their image. These videos are offered for sale by HistoricRail.com By purchasing these videos, via this website, you help support the costs of running ktransit.com to ensure it will continue to expand.

Money Train
Starring: Wesley Snipes, Woody Harrelson & Jennifer Lopez
This money centers around the NY subway.  It is rather fictitious and many scenes were filmed in a subway set built in LA. It is about Transit Police officers who wind up stealing cash from the Revenue Collection Train, hence Money Train. I liked the movie.

The Taking of the Pelham 1,2,3
Starring: Walter Matthau
Fantastic movie of a hijacking of a NY Subway train. Walter Matthau is a detective from the Transit Police who negotiates with the hijackers. The plot revolves around the subway, and was actually shot on location. This is a great thriller.
The French Connection
Starring: Gene Hackman
This Police Drama show NY Detectives tracking down heroine shipment coming in from France. There are several subway scenes. The most dramatic involves a chase under the West End El in Brooklyn.
Starring: Keanu Reeves & Sandra Bullock
Not a very believable film, but one that would make you nervous to ride mass transit. Most of the plot resides on a City Bus that can't go below 50 MPH. The movie ends with an unbelievable LA Metro scene with the subway train flying out into the middle of a street. But it is a fun movie.
The Tube
Starring: Sokhumi Kim
This Korean film is a mixture of Speed & The Taking of the Pelham 123. It is dubbed into English. It involves the hijacking of a Seoul Subway train. Fast paced. The extras on the DVD show how they filmed the subway sequences.
Starring: Tom Cruise & Jaime Foxx
This is an intense film involving a murder who uses a taxi cab driver to go from murder to murder.  It ends up on the LA Metro, then onto the LA Blue Light rail Line. Good movie.
Starring: Tommy Lee Jones & Anne Heche
Won't win any Oscars, but this movie has a volcano that erupts in LA. Lava gets into the LA Metro system.
While You Were Sleeping
Starring: Sandra Bullock & Bill Pullman
Fun movie that starts with a CTA token clerk saving a passenger from getting killed on the Chicago 'L'. It is hysterically funny at times. Much better than Ms. Bullock other subway movie, Speed.


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