Facts and Figures

Operator ACE
System Type Commuter
Year Opened 1999
# of Lines 1
# of Cars 25
Mileage 180 miles
Gauge Standard
Stations 10
Power Diesel
Website ACE
Data Date 2002
1st Visit 10/2000
Last Visit 12/2002
% Rode 0%

California Transit > San Jose
San Jose Commuter Rail

sjc-cr01.jpg (105703 bytes)


San Jose is actually served by 2 commuter rail systems. The oldest is CalTrain which runs up the peninsula to San Francisco. Since its geared to "The City" it is covered under San Francisco. San Jose newest addition is the Altamont Commuter Express, or ACE. It originates in Stockton. Stockton is in the Central Valley up and over Altamont Pass. The line has proven very successful.

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sjc-cr01.jpg (105703 bytes)An outbound ACE train at CalTrain College Park Station heading to Stockton. Soon this train will branch off of CalTrain and head towards Fremont. (10/00)
sjc-cr-greatamerica-071503-01.JPG (659400 bytes)The morning inbound train has just dropped off commuters at the Great America Station in Santa Clara. (7/15/03)
sjc-cr-collegepark-062504-02.jpg (53087 bytes)Train in the siding at College Park waiting for the evening rush hour. (6/25/04)
sjc-cr02.jpg (92623 bytes)ACE train at the San Jose Diridon Street Station. End of the line for ACE. (10/00)
sjc-cr-collegepark-062504-03.jpg (69368 bytes)Train pulling into siding by College Park after morning rush hour. (6/25/04)
sjc-cr-collegepark-062504-05.jpg (53104 bytes)Full side view of the classic "Go" type cars in use. (6/25/04)
Fremont (8/22/14) Fremont (8/22/14)
Santa Clara (5/20/16) Santa Clara (5/20/16)

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