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Facts and Figures

Operator RATP
System Type Metro
Year Opened 1900
# of Lines 14 + 2 branches
# of Cars 3406
Mileage 131 miles
Gauge Std
Stations 297
Power 3rd Rail
Fare Media Magnetic Tkts
Website RATP
Data Date 2006
1st Visit 11/99
Last Visit 3/09
% Rode 70%

French Transit > Paris


The 14 Line Paris Metro is a wonderful system. The Metropolitan turned 100 years old in 2000. The system is well laid out, with one never more then 500 yards from a metro entrance in center city. The station and tunnels are unique in the metro world. The lines have two track vaulted tunnels with no center columns. Most of the stations mimic the tunnels with side platforms with no supporting beams. This makes for easy photography (during non-rush hours). 

Paris is the first city to introduce rubber tired metros on Line 11. Later lines 1,4 and 6 were converted to rubber tires. With the rubber tires, the trains are quiet on curves and accelerate and brake quicker then steel rail lines. However steel rails are still there and the trains still have steel wheels on each truck. The steel is used for turnouts and just in case a tire blows out.

Line Listing (P=Rubber Tires, F=Steel Wheel)

Line 1 (P)

Line 2 (F)

Line 3 (F)

Line3b (F)

Line 4 (P)

Line 5 (F)

Line 6 (P)

Line 7 (F)

Line7b (F)

Line 8 (F)

Line 9 (F)

Line 10 (F)

Line 11 (P)

Line 12 (F)

Line13 (F)

Line 14 (P)
Station listing in Alphabetical Order
NEW Station Name Routes Transfers # of 
New Photos
  Bastille   7  
  Bel Air   3  
  Bibliotheque Francois Mitterrand 2  
  Bir Hakeim 5  
Charles De Gaulle - Etoile 5
  Chatelet 2  
  Chausee d'Antin La Fayette   6  
  Cite   3  
  Concorde   6  
  Dupleix   2  
  Esplande de la Defense   2  
  Faidherbe Chalingny   2  
  Franklin Delano Roosevelt   6  
  Gambetta   8  
  Gare d'Austerlitz

  Gare L'Est   8  
  Gare de Lyon TGV 1  
  Jules Joffrin   1  
  La Defense   1  
  Leige   14  
  Louis Blanc   5  
  Madeleine   3  
  Marcel Sembat   4  
  Michel-Ange Molitor (east only)   5  
  Mirabeau (east only)   8  
  Miromensnil   1  
  Nation 1  
  Palais Royal - Louvre   2  
  Pigalle   7  
  Place de Clichy   5  
  Place Fetes   5  
  Pont de Sevres 5  
  Porte d'Italie 1  
  Porte des Lilas   3  
  Porte Duaphine 7  
  Porte de St Cloud   7  
  Porte de Versailles 2  
  Pyramides   5  
  Republique   5  
  Saint-Lazare 5  
Tocadero 6
  Tuileries   1  
  Vaneau   1  
  Miscelleanous     11  

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